Graphic Design


Thesis & visual summary for Post Grad show at London College of Communication, 2018 Research question: Will future archaeologists understand what a magic wand tool is?

The 3D printed digital artefacts that the brand curates are tangible identities of the Adobe tools we use daily in our practice. How would a future civilisation make sense of them? 

Letterform experiment (M) with office stickers at Royal Academy Of Fine Arts, 2016 

Publication Post-Adobeism with visual experiments, 2018

Publication Biophilia Museum BA project at Royal Academy Of Fine Arts, Antwerp (2017)
Photography for MA project Graphic Branding & Identity:
Please, Do (not) touch!
Major project proposal booklet design, 2018

Collaboration project with Designer Ines Cox translated as a crime scene metaphor. Converting  traces of the digital design process into different analog techniques. (2018) 

Risoprint posters, 2018

Ticket design for Biophilia Museum, 2017 e-esessign 

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